Thursday, March 10, 2011

3 Years...

Today is a somewhat of a bitter sweet day for me. Today would have been my 3 year surgiversary with my lap-band. 3 YEARS.... So much time I wasted... Waiting for my band to work, waiting for my body to work... just waiting.

So instead of sitting here feeling sorry for myself... today will have to be more sweet than bitter! Let me tell you what has changed in 3 years...

  1. I am down 106lbs
  2. I can buy clothes in a store again
  3. I can smile when I see a picture of myself!
  4. I can walk a 5k
  5. I can run up and down the stairs without wanting to keel over
  6. I can wash dishes
  7. I can cook dinner
  8. I can walk across a parking lot and no longer need to drive around for the closest spot
  9. I can sit on a chair without worrying if it will break
  10. I can fit in a booth at a restaurant
  11. I can wrap a bath towel around my body
  12. I lost 80% of my stomach 
  13. I have not had cellulitis in 3 years!!!
  14. I have not had a gastritis attack in 3 years
  15. I run a support group
  16. I found my purpose in life
  17. I've made hundreds of friends
  18. I traveled the east coast!
  19. I got my social work license
  20. I love waking up every morning!!!
What has changed since your bariatric surgery?
Sleeve Pixie

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