Friday, March 11, 2011

What's in Your Box?

While I was away on this super amazing and long road trip, I found myself in MANY a restaurant. Fatz, O'Charleys, Main Street Deli, JPeters, Black Horse Pub, PF Changs, Eclipse Di Luna etc etc etc... At every place I found myself leaving with a box of left overs...

Did I ever mention I don't like leftovers?? They just never reheat and taste as good as they started as... But that's neither her nor there... The point of tonights blog is this... When you dine out, most meals come with a soup or salad and a side dish on top of the meal you want. I always chose a protein for dinner whether it be steak or fish or the occasional chicken finger... I can only eat about 4oz of food in one sitting so what the heck am I gonna do with a side salad and a side of sweet potato? In the box they go along with prob 3/4 of my protein that I just couldn't eat.

Now on the other hand... I have seen other post-ops fill up on salad, bread, soup, or even the side dish and neglect the protein. I'm not saying Salad is a bad meal, by any stretch, but how do we draw the line and get in 60+ grams of protein, plus fruits and veggies?

For me, I eat every 2 hours give or take... I try to make 4 out my 6 meals just protein. the other two I leave open to salad, fruit, good carbs and the occasional guilty pleasure. For me, the salad always goes in a box... What's in your box?

Sleeve Pixie wants to know!

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