Monday, February 14, 2011

Life is a Highway... the Start of Road Trip Month!

I wanna ride it, ALL NIGHT LONG! Just got home late last night from a mini road trip with Beth (Melting Mama). I had sooo much fun! Friday morning I started off bright and early by getting my car fixed and my coffee fix :-) I was awaiting the green light to hear that Beth was feeling well enough to have some fun!

At 9:29am I got the ding on my CrackBerry. A message from Beth, "All Done. Come Play!" I finished packing jumped in the shower and left the house around 11am. On the road again... The drive was quick. I had my ipod blaring, the windows down my GPS on and away I went. Found myself some food along the way at one of the rest areas which I proceeded to eat while driving because I didn't want to waste any time... Well, wouldn't ya know... Dumping and driving is soooooo not a fun experience. Thankfully the feeling came and went pretty quickly... With my band it used to be that I was afraid to eat and drive because it almost surely meant stopping on the shoulder of the highway to hurl. Well, now the food stays down, which is nice but Dumping and Driving should be illegal!

4 hours later and 1 wrong turn, I found the Casa De Mr and Mrs. MM.

When Beth saw me she said, "OMG you so skinny!" and she was actually able to wrap her arms around my waist and touch her wrists. That was an awesome feeling for me. I can always tell when people have to stretch to  hug me and I could feel the room between my back and her hands. NSV for me! I fit in the "tinier that you thought she was in person's" hug! woohoo.

Off we went to find the nearest Starbucks to feed our caffeine addiction... then to Lowell, MA for the Diva Taunia Burlesque show... Although we got stuck in a bit of traffic and had to veer off and find a pit stop. the only one we wound required a purchase to use the John, so Beth bought a super yummy wrap that we split for dinner.

We eventually made it! Checked in to the hotel (which had a bar at the check in counter for those of us who apparently can't cope with vacation and must get loaded PRONTO) for the night and foursquare of course... got all sexified and back in the car.

The burlesque show was fun! Lots of nakedness and drunkenness for sure but we danced, transfer adictioned, took some photos and made the best of it :-)

At the show we met up with fellow Bad Girl Lynn V Sleeve (Band to VSG). It was so great to meet her and her hubby after talking to her for a the last few month on the infamous FB.

After the show I was hungry so I starting looking for some food to take back to the telle. Chili's - closed, outback - closed, 99 - closed..... ugh!!! Fast food - Cha-ching! Thank goodness for the dollar menu lol.

Back to the hotel had me a few bites of food and got sick as a dog! Fell asleep dumping... that's always fun!

I don't dump often even though it sounds like I do... but I still haven't figured out exactly what it is I dump on.

Day 2... Woke up early in the morning, around 9:30am and started to get ready for day 2. Day two we will call Transfer Addiction road trip. I am not ashamed to admit that I am a smoker. I have been since the age of 14. It is a habit I have tried kicking several times over but right now I feel it is much more important to work on my food addiction that my smoking one. All at once is just too much for me. Thankfully, like the amount of food I intake, the amount I smoke has decreased drastically since my VSG. I used to smoke a pack+ daily and I am down to a pack every 3 days. *pats self on back :-)

Considering a pack of cigarettes is $10 here in NY I
dragged Beth up to New Hampshire where they are half the price. But for some reason we couldn't find them anywhere!!!

Our travels led us to Nashua Nutrition, where we got some "pouchworthy" products as MM calls em. Best $20 I ever spent :-) I love love love their protein bars. It tastes like candy :-)

Our travels led us to a nice big liquor store, where we found some perty bottles.*
Beth enjoyed the pink tequila....

...While I enjoy the clearer, smother Don Julio!!

Our travels led us next to a smoke shop that I almost got thrown out of for telling the sales guy that his incense smelled like pot residue. Ugh, lets keep it all hush hush because no one knows that folks who walk into a "smoke shop" use all your glass blown pieces and "water pipes" for POT/WEED/MARIJUANA!! Seriously...

Finally we found what I went looking for and started to head back to Massachusetts. We bumped into Mr. MM on the ride home and before we knew it we made it back to Casa de Mr. and Mrs. MM. It was time to say goodbye (too soon - I contemplated stealing Beth and bringer her back to NY) but I had a looong trip still ahead of me. I got home at about 9:15pm and after a little facebook lovin' went to bed!

I look forward to my WLS Road Trip Part 2, which will begin Next Tuesday! Check in tomorrow for details because I want to see you!!!!

*** NOTE: No Alcohol was harmed during the making of this film :-)
Thanks to Mr. MM and family for loaning Beth to me for 24 hours! Thanks to Beth for making it so much fun!

Sleeve Pixie

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