Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Road Trip Itinerary

Ok friends... here she is! My map of travel around the good ole USA... ok not the whole USA... Just 11 states.

Want to have a meal with me? I want to have a meal with you!! Here we go....

Feb 22 - Leave NY for MD
               Arrive in Gaithersburg, MD
Feb 23 - Family Day
Feb 24 - Maryland get together for lunch or dinner.
              Place TBA... Any suggestions, post below.
Feb 25 - Leave MD for NC
               Richmond, VA get together for Lunch
               Again Place TBA.... Suggestions, post below.
               Dinner in either Charlotte or Raleigh depending on where there is
                   more interest. Discuss Below...
Feb 26 - Leave NC for SC
                Family Day
Feb 27 - Possible Brunch/Lunch in SC if there is any interest.
               Leave SC for GA
Feb 28 - Learning Day for Me
Mar 01 - Lunch in Atlanta, GA
Mar 02 - Learning Day for Me
Mar 03 - Learning Day for Me
               Leave GA to head back up to SC
Mar 04-06 - Family Time
Mar 07 - Leave SC for KY
Mar 08 - Leave KY for WV
               Possible Early Dinner in Lexington KY
               Still Need to find a place to stay in WV
Mar 09 - Leave WV for HOME
               Possible Dinner in Philly, PA


I look forward to meeting as many of you as possible so please get in touch with me ASAP so we can finalize times and places for food! Although many of you have offered to buy my food, please know it is not necessary!

Sleeve Pixie


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