Friday, February 11, 2011

Do You Feel Lucky Punk? Well, Do Ya?

"You are so LUCKY you had WLS this young!!"

I hear this line at least once a week... if not once a day from someone in our community. While I usually just agree, I really started to think about it over the last day or so. I don't feel lucky or special or like I hit the jackpot. Do you??

Personally, I feel.... cheated, obligated, and resentful. 

"But don't you feel lucky to be getting your life back?" Well of course I am HAPPY that I can walk, breathe live etc... But I don't feel LUCKY to have had WLS at 25 years old. I feel like I had to do this. My weight was so out of control that I had no other choice. I ate myself into this mess, then someone had to repo my organs to put me back into place. I'm 25!! I feel pathetic... and just sayin... I was 22 when I had my first surgery. 

I kind of envy the older folk out there who had a chance to have kids, bake fatty junk food with them, enjoy them, enjoy food with them. Maybe you are reading this and thinking to yourself I am nuts... maybe I am... But I wish I didn't need WLS to lose weight, to have a baby, to walk etc. BUT I DO... 

I love my sleeve and I am super thankful that I was given the opportunity to save my life. I just can't bring myself to feel lucky. So i wanted to throw this out there as find out what you think... do you feel lucky about your WLS?

I missed you all!
Sleeve Pixie

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