Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Happy Surgiversary To ME!

WOW!!!! Just Sayin.... I never really noticed the difference until I put these two pics side by side. This pic isn't even the thinnest, just the most recent full length pic I have, about a month old. I will try to take another updated picture sometime Today. 

3 months post sleeve... In 3 months I have lost 64lbs! that is double what I lost in 2.5 years with the lapband! The surgiversary gods must not have favored me this morning because my scale still says 300.2. Maybe one day I will shake that .2 plus some and make it into TWODERVILLE! Then again, my brother got on the scale yesterday and said it's broken because it told him he lost 30lbs in two weeks. So I will have an official accurate weight tomorrow when I see my surgeon :-)

In 2 years and 10 months pot my first WLS I am down a total of 91lbs!! Century Card, HERE I COME!!!

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