Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A HEAVY Discussion...

So I just finished watching Heavy, the new A&E series and I wanted to share with you my thoughts. At first I was like ugh... Intervention meets Biggest Loser... I didn't really have very high expectations of the show to be honest.

Tom... WOW! He lost a whole damn person in 6 months even with the setback in month 2! Bless his fat soul! I have to say I was kinda shocked to hear his drive through order of 6 JUNIOR bacon cheezies and 3 spicy nuggets... It wasn't so much the quantity or whatever but the psychology behind it all... Yes I am a social worker and I perceive and analyze the world through those lenses. I am willing to bet he justified eating 6 burgers to himself by ordering junior size... Now me personally, I would rather order 3 doubles... bc my head would say, 3 isn't so bad but 6.... NO WAY! It's just interesting. I have been reading the twiterverse tag #HEAVY and damn people were ragging on poor Tom.

  • Wow, Tom has a Bowling Ball made of FAT on his leg!
  • If I get so fat that all I can wear is stretchy pants and tshirts please shoot me
  • How does anyone let themselves get to look like Tom
  • Tom is one HEAVY fat tub of lard
DAMN YA'LL!!! Give the man a break! Clearly he's got some addiction and emotional issues happening there! And please... get your self some edumacation... I hate ignorant people! I have to say towards the end of the show I was super proud of Tom and I feel some sort of connection to him. Probably because he is a fighter and so am I and I totally get the enabling family thing he's got goin' on!

Now Jodi... Jodi Jodi Jodi.... She pissed me the F**K off! She did nothing but whine the whole first half hour. She doomed herself for failure before she even took her first step of the damn journey. Now I can understand that but seriously woman... Have even a glimmer of hope before you give up. Its like starting a diet a week before a big party. You go in there knowing you are gonna fall of the wagon Friday night. Why bother to start a Journey with your head in the sand. She made one excuse after the next, her husband, her mother, her addiction... STOP IT ALREADY! Not that I'm not sympathetic but I don't want to hear about it. I can't pity those who pity themselves... Just not my style.

I did however feel a bit of connection to her when she broke into twoderville. That is something I have been struggling with for the last two weeks. It made me hopeful for myself for a second. (300.4 this morning!)

Then at the end she just pissed me off again... She said she did it the right way or the hard way or something to that effect.... through hard work diet and exercise... KISS MY BUTT!!! You did it because some camera followed your ass around for 6 months and paid for your gym membership, food and personal trainer. If I had all that I could do it too... But you don;t hear me complaining. I make my life work! I am doing it the hard way. Dumping, and vitamins and blood work and surgery and major food changes and exercise. That majorly bothered me... 

Overall... will I watch this show again... PROBABLY... Am I hooked and in love and inspired and motivated... Not even an ounce... Sorry... I was not that impressed.

For those of you who liked it and found it motivational and inspiring GREAT... just not my cup of protein shake.

Sleeve Pixie

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