Sunday, December 12, 2010

When You Can't Afford Your Health... Bah Humbug

As the holiday season is upon us, and everywhere you go the Christmas songs are playing, the world is usually in holiday spirits... As for me, all I have to say is "Bah Humbug". This morning I awoke to find myself in a familiar predicament. As we were sitting around the table eating breakfast my step-dad shared that he had been laid off from his job. Aside for the fact that jobs are scare to begin with, my step-dad is a Jeweler and with the passing of Christmas the Jewelry market essentially shuts down for the month of January. This means for us, that he has no chance of getting work til the end of January early February. Although my mom works, she doesn't make enough to cover the mortgage, the house bills, the food etc... We are all scared, especially me.

For a period of time when I had my lap-band, my husband and I were living in an apartment we couldn't afford and we were lucky to have one meal a day. We just couldn't afford to eat. As a result, the small amounts of money we did have usually wound up being spent on pizza or fast food because it was way cheaper that buying salads, chicken, fish etc.. I remember nights where we would turn the apartment upside down looking for lost change to buy food. This led us to having to move in with my mom a year ago because we just couldn't keep ourselves afloat. Well, here we are again. My parents are talking about what to do if they can't make the mortgage and it just takes me right back.

Healthy food is sooo expensive and there is so little I can actually get down. I don't want to fill my sleeve wit Pizza and junk food. I want to succeed. I NEED to succeed. I am afraid I will no longer be able to afford my vitamins or my health insurance. I already had to give my license plates back to the DMV due to an old lapse in insurance coverage. The second one in the last 3 years. I am afraid I wont have money to go to the gym and its just way too damn cold to go out walking.

What do you do, when you just can't afford to be healthy? Well, I refuse to fail. I refuse to let this get me down. I can't be that person anymore. So I have come up with a meal plan that will have to work for me, until this passes... This too shall pass...

My New Meal Plan 4 of these meals every day:
Chobani Yogurt w SF syrup
Egg Beaters with Organic Veggies
Canned Tuna with I tsp on RF Mayo
Organic Salad with Tuna
Protein Shake made with Skim Plus
1 slice of chicken breast with 1 slice of part skim cheese

This will bring my weekly grocery bill for just myself to $45 a week or $6.43 a day. This is less than the cost of a value meal at the local fast food joint. It's Healthy, full of protein and vitamins and minerals and will help me succeed. I AM A WINNER!! Granted I would also have to add approximately $25 a month to buy protein powder but it just so happens that I have one tub at home to start with. So that will save me some money for now.

Whenever things seem bleak and you don;t know how you can move forward... know there is always a way. Clip coupons, shop online for the best deals before you visit the stores, so whatever you have to do to make this work!

Wishing you all a happy holiday season!
Sleeve Pixie

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