Friday, December 10, 2010

When the Food Just Wont Stay Down...

So here I am... 8.5 weeks post-op and I am super frustrated. I have thrown up at least one meal every single day since Sunday. Sunday, Monday and Tuesday it was all three meals each day. I don't know what is going on with me... I was doing really well, I am NOT pregnant (so lose that thought pronto), and then all of a sudden BAM the bathroom is my best friend.

I must say I haven't been measuring my food and I have been on vacation, therefore, eating out a lot. Monday night it was the worst. I got that terrible I wish I could throw up feeling I have heard other sleevers talk about. It was the worst pain ever! I hope to NEVER EVER go through that again. I really don't think I am eating too much, but perhaps my food choices haven't been as good as they should be. I have voided eggs, chicken, fish and Cesare salad mostly. These are the foods I have been eating most of this week. I don't understand it... I am not eating cookies, chips, ice cream and I am trying really hard to be good but I am starting to feel like vomiting will be my life forever... Vomiting is the reason I got rid of my lap band. I can't take much more of this shit!

So I wonder to myself... After one of these episodes... is the sleeve like the band in which I am supposed to eat 2 days of liquid one day of mushies and try solids again every time I throw up? I was never told this by a doctor... have you heard different?

I asked a bunch of my sleeve friends a few questions about what has been going on and I wanted to share some of the responses I got. First I asked my friends what signs they noticed that told them it was time to stop eating, then I asked how to avoid overeating or vomiting.

Signs you should stop eating now.
1. runny nose
2. deep involuntary inhalation
3. when your half cup/cup portion is gone. Don't go for another bite.
Note: Generally if you wait until you start to feel full to stop eating, there is a good chance you have already eaten too much.

Tips to avoid over eating with the sleeve.
1. measure your food
2. take one bite every 3 minutes
3. chew your food at least 30 times before swallowing

If anyone has anything to add to these lists please let me know so I can add!
Sleeve Pixie

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  1. I'm not a sleever, I'm a RNY'er, but when I was in losing phase, a hiccup when I was eating meant not only that I was done, but that I'd better spit out whatever was in my mouth.

    I've also heard people say their "full, stop now" signal was a sneeze.


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