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Journey Vitamins.. Best Vitamin for ALL Post-Ops?

Ok, so I will be the FIRST one to admit I know VERY LITTLE about how vitamins work and how they interact. I know a few of the simple rules that I have learned from my good friend Andrea. For those of you who don't know Andrea, you should check out her blog, PRONTO!

I DO know, based on a recent statement give by the founder of Journey Vitamins, Susan Maria, that Journey Vitamins are not for me or ANY other VSG patient for that matter. I wont bother to write out then entire statement because you can find that here, pending you have not been blocked as many of us have. You can and should also read her statement along with Andrea's comments here...

I do however have a few things to add to the blog that Andrea posted that is specific to us VSGers.

Let me start by sharing that I have become much more interested in vitamins since I learned of my severe vitamin D deficiency. As a Lap-Bander I never took a single vitamin. Not one in my whole 2.5 years as a post op. I was never told to. I watched my RNY friends take vitamins at every meal whether it be a multi or a calcium or iron and I knew that was just not for me. I would NEVER allow my life to be run by vitamins. I have to laugh as I think back to those days. Now as a Sleever, my life has drastically changed. I went into the procedure thinking it would be just like the band where I would not be required to take vitamins because I wouldn't be malabsorptive. Boy was I wrong... My routine now includes a multi vite twice a day, calcium, iron, b12, and D. What a mess... Throw in some Caraphate 3x a day and Nexium and I feel like there is no room left in my tummy for food. While I have to admit I struggle very much with getting it all in every day, I have found ways to help me. Its hard but not nearly impossible.

Enter stage left... Journey... 3 capsules twice a day sounds great compared to my current routine... Then it was time to take a closer look. I can't lie to you... I do not know enough to look at a vitamin label and say ok... these are good for me... Thats what Andrea is for :-) But based on the current statement written by Susan Maria even I can tell you to stay away!!
Journey Easy & Complete MultiFormula Capsules do not have that awful ‘vitamin smell’. Many people stop taking vitamins due to the terrible smell and repeating or burping B vitamins as well.
If you don't see it VSGers... here it is... Journey Vites are CAPSULES!! Capsules are NO GOOD for us!! Granted, some capsules can be opened and taken that way but...
a) I don't want to go to the hassle of opening 6 capsules a day when I can just swallow what I've already got.
b) To be honest I don't even know if we can take these out of the capsules.

Ok, so that isn't a deterrent for ya...
In addition to Journey’s Albion Ferrochel® Iron bisglycinate chelate not blocking uptake of Calcium or other minerals, it won’t cause the usual problems with stomach aches or constipation caused by other more commonly used forms of iron. Iron bisglycinate is often recommended by Hematologists for patients with anemia who are being treated with IV iron infusions.
Andrea said this so well it is worth being repeated! And I quote as Andrea said it, "Iron does not block the uptake of calcium. Period. Anyone who has been paying part attention in nutrition class knows this.
EVERYONE knows that the calcium and ionic iron molecules bind to the same receptor sites and that the calcium molecules are larger than the iron molecules. When taken in larger than 300mg doses, calcium will block ionic iron absorption as calcium will block iron’s ability’s to attach to the receptors in the intestine."

If the vitamin founders and makers don't know this super common fact, does this sound like a vitamin you want to be taking??

Lastly, Susan Maria basically admits that her vitamins are not complete...
THREE capsules in the morning and THREE capsules in the evening and I am done. We can all stick to that schedule and keep our head held high that we have taken control of our health. We need to make healthy choices and eat as many of our vitamins as we can through fresh vegetables, fruits, and lean protein sources – and then supplement for what we are unable to take in with Journey.
She basically states here that we have to eat our fruits and veggies to supplement the vitamins? Well Sleevers... I dunno about you but I can only eat 2 cups of food a day and I sure as hell am not going to waste them on fruits and veggies. Protein first... If there is room then yes I will eat a fruit or veggie but it is not my priority in life. My vitamins should be supplementing my diet not the other way around. I want to be secure that I can follow my post op diet plan and still have all my labs be good. Journey vitamins is in my opinion clearly not going to help me along that path.

There are many other great reasons not to take these vitamins. To read them, if you haven't already done so, vites Andrea's blog and read her breakdown of Susan Maria's full Journey Commercial. Andrea will give you the scientific insight that I just have the knowledge to. Click for Andreas Blog

Please Please, DO NOT take a vitamin without the clear scientific proof/research done by yourself or a trusted friend/professional with results telling you it is right and good for you! 
To Our Health!
Sleeve Pixie

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  1. Out of curiosity, why do you think vsgers can't take capsules?


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