Sunday, November 28, 2010

Weight Watchers does it again!!

My mom came home from WW this am and told me they have changed their program YET AGAIN!!

They are now taking into account, protein, carbs, fat and fiber... Sound familiar to anyone?? Sounds a lot like us... no? Well maybe you don't track your fiber... but I do :-)

Weight watchers changes their program, about every 2-5 years... Every time claiming a new and improved, healthier, more balanced program. Is it ever ACTUALLY improved... maybe. But I'm not here to bash the good ole WW. This new change in their program did get me thinkin' though...

Why is it when i was goin to Weight Watchers 3 years ago they upped my intake from 35 points to 42 points claiming it was not the way to go, did I continuously gain weight while others were losing? Was I doing it all wrong? Was I eating my heart out and just not journaling properly? MAYBE!! But no... I wasn't cheating (yet...). I had changed my eating habits according to their "NEW AND IMPROVED" plan and it wasn't working. I remember talking to my leader Lauri and asking her if I could go back to the old program and sure enough the next week I lost weight!! But wait a damn minute here... How is it that old, out of style, non-improved program was working and the new shiny one wasn't??

The answer to this debacle my friends is that, there is no such thing as NEW AND IMPROVED dieting... Different strokes for different folks!! Weight Watchers 2007 may be great for my body while Weight Watchers 2010 may work better for my mom. Our Bodies are different. They respond to foods differently.

Fast Forward to my post op life... I have found that every doctor has a different set of rules. A different dietary guideline, amount of daily calories etc etc. Does that mean my doc is better than your doc? Heck NO!
When I had my lap band I was told 800-1000 calories. I didn't lose an ounce. I was working out 4x a week and lot losing an ounce. I upped my caloric intake to 1400 calories per day and Ta Da! The weight fell off. 20lbs that summer alone!!

You have to find what works for you. Experiment with your body. See if you need more calories or carbs or protein than your doctor thinks you need. Maybe you need a lot less than your doc recommended. If every patient followed the same set of guidelines without taking into account their BMR (the amount of calories you burn when in a resting state), as well as the speed of their metabolism, their weight (a person who is 400lbs cannot and in my opinion should not be living on 500 calories), etc then we wouldn't all be successful. We would be frustrated.

I am not saying you should start a riot at your surgeons office or anything like that but I am going to DARE you to take charge of your body and health. I double dog dare you to find what works best for you; To learn whats going on with your body and take charge!
To our health!

Sleeve Pixie

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