Sunday, November 28, 2010

Buddha Body Yoga

Hey there ladies and gents! I have developed a recent interest in starting a yoga class.
"Yoga is an ancient system of breathing practices, physical exercises and postures, and meditation intended to integrate the practitioner's body, mind, and spirit." 
 I have been nervous about starting due to my size and physical capabilities, especially with all of the pain I have been having due to my recent surgery and complications. 

I am not the kind of person who is ashamed of my body or has low self image. In fact, if you know me, even a little, you KNOW beyond a shadow of a doubt, that I happen to think very highly of myself.

My fear comes from my need to be good at things. I know I have horrible balance and couldn't hold a warrior stance or tree pose for more than a few seconds... My Wii Fit taught me that quickly when it yelled at me for moving too damn much. But, in keeping with my theme of changing the way I think and pushing myself outside of my comfort zone, I have started a search for a "fat friendly" yoga studio or even a yoga class for fatties in which the poses are adapted for larger bodies.

My search led me to posting on my facebook wall for any suggestions from my fellow WLS friends and one posted a link to an enlightening article. Wouldn't ya know it.... Fatties can do Yoga too! I am excited to start this new venture. Once I am cleared for full physical activity I am signing up! Who knows, maybe I'll even see you there!?!

Sleeve Pixie


  1. I have a couple questions about your revision. I have the band at the moment and am starting to get disillusioned with it as I have gained about 25 pounds in the last two months (and am close to my doctor's fill limits). Anyhow, I was wondering if insurance covered your revision? What was scarring like? When did you have it done? How much have you lost so far? Thanks in advance for any info you have!!!!

  2. Bandita, my insurance did cover my revision and band removal. I don't know where you are holding with your weight or how well you did with your band but I only lost 60lbs in 2.5 years and was still way over 300lbs when I had my revision 6 weeks ago. To day I have lost 48lbs with my sleeve including my pre-op diet. I wish you luck with your decision and if you need to talk feel free to email me at

  3. Thank you so much for all your info, Pixie. Did they do your revision because the band didn't work for you? Was it a lengthy process? May I ask who your insurance carrier is?


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