Saturday, November 27, 2010

I Gained A WHOLE POUND Over Thanksgiving!!!

So here we are friends and Thanksgiving is over. All the preparation, cooking and table setting is done. The dishes are washed, the pants are unbuttoned and the scale is not your friend today... What now?

I spent Thanksgiving picking at my grandmother's amazing food all day. I made sugar free trifle and citrus glazed salmon with avocado salsa. I never even ate a bite of the healthy, bariatric friendly food I made because by the time it was ready, surprise surprise, I was stuffed.

To my surprise, the next morning I stepped on the scale as I do every morning, and I had gained a whole pound!! ONE WHOLE POUND! MY LIFE IS OVER! I'M A FAILURE AGAIN! THIS IS NEVER GOING TO WORK! I GIVE UP!!! That is where my mind used to go. Every time I stepped on the weight watchers scale, every time I went to my previous surgeon for a fill and didn't lose. I was "all or nothing" girl. I am willing to bet that this description relates to you too... or at least it did at one point in your life.

We, you and I, can make a pact right now. We can decide to act play a different tape when the scale isn't being so friendly. Are you ready for that? I am! Now is the time... Ready, set... GO!

Say this out loud to yourself.. Post it on the wall next to your scale and don't ever forget this!
"If i get on the scale today, and I don't like the number I see. I will get off the scale and continue with my day. I will say to myself, "Life happens. I am not a failure. I am a success. This is not a diet this is my life and I am entitled to indulge once in a while. Today is a new day and a fresh start and I am worth it!"

This is my new attitude. I am DONE with dieting... This is real life my friends. I will have my sleeve forever. As you will have your tool forever. If I choose to eat a few more calories then I should on a holiday, birthday, anniversary or when I go away with my family and I gain a pound or two or dare I say it...FIVE POUNDS... guess what? Life goes on. I will tighten the reins the next day or week and the weight will be gone. I refuse to deprive myself of food forever. If I want a bite of a cookie on my birthday then so be it. I will manage, not suffer, but manage the consequences.

I implore you to adopt this new attitude of LIFE and living it to the fullest of your ability. I believe in balance. Balance does not mean perfection it means enjoying both the good and bad in such a way that neither have a hold of your actions, emotions and reactions.

I wish you all a very happy holiday season filled with love, family, friends, life and balance!

Sleeve Pixie

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