Thursday, November 25, 2010

How I became the Bariatric REVISIONary.

Married at the young age of 20, my husband and I were excited to start a family. It was us against the world and nothing could stop us!! A year later we found out we couldn't get pregnant and decided to seek the help from a reproductive specialist. 

As all of you know, it is unusual to see a doctor and have them not comment about your weight. Right? Well, after my 3rd visit to this reproductive specialist, he still hadn't said 1 word, not 1 single word about my weight. It wasn't like I was 20lbs overweight either. I was a good 365lbs at the time. So it freaked me out and I finally had to sit him down. I said, "Ok doc... I have to ask you a question. Why are we ignoring the pink elephant in the room? I know I am not just over weight.. why have you not said a single word about my weight?" He told me he knows I have probably been beat over the head by doctors about my weight so he didn't bother. "Besides, no matter what weight, everyone deserves the chance to be a mother." I asked him to honestly tell me what the risks were of becoming pregnant and what the statistics were with regards to me being able to carry to term. They weren't good. I went home and discussed everything with my husband and decided to call Dr. Alan Geiss for my first bariatric consultation. 

On January 4, 2008, I met Dr. Geiss for the first time. I told him I wanted to have a lap band placed to aid me in losing weight so I could get pregnant. I was given my script for my psych and nutrition clearance as well as a script for cardio and pulmonary clearance which included a sleep study, and blood work. I had all of my appointments scheduled and completed within two weeks and got my appointment for surgery March 10, 2008. 

I had my lap band for just under 2.5 years and it just wasn't the tool for me. I lost a total of about 60lbs, 30 of which I gained back as soon as my band was removed this past June. The last 6 months with my band was miserable. I was always either too full or not full enough. I couldn't seem to get to that "sweet spot" everyone talked about. I threw up every meal I sat down to, most often within the first 5 bites. I lived on Starbucks White Mocha Lattes, usually having 4-5 venti's a day. That was all that went down, and stayed down. In April  of this year, I decided I couldn't live like this anymore and started searching for a surgeon to do my revision. 

I am unbelievably grateful that my husband was supportive of pushing off our baby venture for another two years. The decision was difficult for both of us but together we are strong and made the right decision. We want our baby to live a happy life and be raised by two loving, living parents.  

On June 26th, 2010 My lap band was removed, by Dr. Rajeev Vohra. He sent me for all my pre-op testing again and a date was set for sleeve. On October 18th, 2010. I became a revision patient. This is my second chance at life, part B. I know this time around has to be different. This is permanent and I have to succeed. I have to learn to change my views of food and exercise and myself. I have to wipe away those feelings of failue, shame, doubt, uncertainty and replace them with knowledge, hope, education, excitement, and success!! I have been learning to do that...SLOWLY and I hope you will take this journey with me. In this Journey you will find success and happiness. So will I. I am not just a revision patient... I am a REVISIONARY. 

Sleeve Pixie 

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  1. Rachael just wanted to let u know how important your blog is b/c there are soooo many ppl out there that have revised or are in need of a revision!

    The band has NOT been the right tool for me either! I would love to be able to revise as well.

    I wish u the best of luck with your revision and with your new blog!!!


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