Saturday, March 26, 2011

Another Meet and Greet! Atlantic City!!

Hey friends! I am getting a bunch of people together in Atlantic City tomorrow! If you haven't realized this yet, I LOVE meeting you! I love having get togethers and making new friends.

Tomorrow at 1pm, we will be having lunch at the Trump Plaza. Lunch is set up in the Rain Forest Cafe. We have 4 confirmed guests so far and I would love to see YOU! If you can make it please comment below and let me know you are coming!

What I love most about these meet and greets aside from socializing with like minded people, is that we get the chance to spend a couple of hours in a setting where we all "get it". We have all been there! Its also a chance to develop a support network for yourself which is crucial to success!

So common, what do you say? Have lunch with me!
Sleeve Pixie!

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