Friday, December 31, 2010

Dumping: A Reality of the Gastric Sleeve

So here I am, 26 minutes before the ball drops... and I am sick as a rabid dog. It is official... I have been in denial of this fact for a a little over a month and a half.
In fact, I am dumping as I type this blog entry. I feel gross.... So I am going to keep this short and sweet and go lie down.

The Mayo Clinic defines dumping syndrome as....
...a group of symptoms most likely to develop if you've had surgery to remove all or part of your stomach, or if your stomach has been surgically bypassed to help lose weight. occurs when the undigested contents of your stomach are transported or "dumped" into your small intestine too rapidly.
Generally we hear amongst the WLS community that sugar, carbs and fat will cause this to happen. For me this is true. I ate way too many carby audervs took 3 sips of alcohol and  topped it all off with pudding pie for dessert. I know, I know not the greatest choices but I am of the belief that this is not a diet but my life so if I want to eat pudding pie with my family on New Years Eve, then I am gonna do it! I am also going to accept that I will have to pay the piper for my actions. Believe me, I am not bitching. I am just telling you this happens.

The Symptoms of dumping may include all or some of the following:
1. Cramping or pain
2. Nausea
3. Diarrhea
4. Vomiting
5. Sweating
6. Fast Heart Rate
7. Tiredness

From the things I hear from my bypass friends... everyone experiences it differently. I get nausea, fast heart rate and tiredness.

Many surgeon's websites etc will tell you us sleevers don't dump because our Pylorus is preserved which is supposed to hold the food in our bananas but I have heard of many sleevers experience dumping. Last I checked it's about 3%. But that statistic is word of mouth and I have yet to find a study to verify that.

There is nothing, that I know of, you can do to stop the dumping episode once it's starts. You just have to wait it out and it will eventually pass. It is the worst feeling EVER!!!

I just wanted to throw that out there. It is NOT just bypassers!!! It is now 3 to midnight and I must go kiss my hubby for New Years.
Happy New Year!
Sleeve Pixie


  1. Ahh Honey girl, I hear ya loud and clear! I am a sleeved dumper! My surgeon said that I was in a 6% minority, but again, I have not seen the studies to back that number up.

    I dump differently on different things. Sometimes it is crampy pain, nausea, fast heart rate. Other times I get woozy, sleepy, must lay down or fall down. Neither is pretty, and yet I continue to push the envelope and see what I CAN and CAN NOT have. Anything sugar is not my friend (that includes milk).

    Together we can be the voice of the sleeved dumpers, because before surgery I thought FOR SURE those people were INSANE! Who has a pyloric valve and dumps? Umm ME?

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