Thursday, April 7, 2011

I Am Not DONE!

Today I want to talk to you about the reality many of us live with, being a revision patient. I know, that as a revision patient there is a good chance my weight loss will be slower and less than someone who has had WLS for the first time. I am even more than ok with this. I am and continue to be realistic about my weight loss both in regards to amount and time frame.

I have lost a nice chunk of weight relatively quickly, as far as I am concerned with my sleeve and I am very happy with it, but every time I stall, I can't help but to find myself thinking... AM I DONE?

I know stalls are part of weight loss and I do not expect to lose every single day. But I do expect to lose something every single week. even if it is a half a pound. I expect to lose every week. This is probably not realistic as stalls DO happen. I just broke out of a two week long stall This morning. I was holding steady at 281.4 for the last two weeks! Literally, two weeks down to the day! This morning, BOOM 279.6! Awesome!

TWO WEEKS!!! That is really a drop in the bucket of time... Why am I freaking out? Because I am a revision patient. I failed 5 billion diets... The Lap-Band didnt work out.... Dare I say it... WHAT IF I FAIL AGAIN??? *covers eyes*

So the thought comes to me... What if, this is it. What if I am done?? When is the other shoe going to drop?? After about 10 minutes of this thinking I have to wake up and knock it off! I AM NOT DONE!

It is however time to take an inventory...
1. Am I drinking all my water? I have been a little lax the past few days....
2. Am I getting all my protein? I think so... Maybe It's time to start logging for a few days just to make sure...
3. Am I exercising? Not as much as I should....
4. Have I been stressed out lately? ABSOLUTELY!!!
5. Have I bean eating too much or not enough? Probably not enough food to be completely honest... which probably means I am not getting in all my protein even though everything I eat is protein and veggies lately.

These are the questions I ask myself. Time to change it up a bit... two days ago, I took my hubby on a nice long walk around the neighborhood. Yesterday I was running around all day so did some more walking just because I had to. I worked really hard to get my water in the past two days and have started to make sure I am eating more! BAM... Stall is GONE! This is possible! I am NOT done!

Sometimes we just have to kick out those nasty thoughts and get into gear! Here are some other tips to breaking a stall 

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