Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Review: P-28 High Protein Bread

I first heard about P-28 while researching some new yummy bariatric recipes. For many of us post-ops, bread is a wasted food providing nothing but carbohydrates and calories. I love the idea of being able to have a slice of bread now and then or even daily if I wanted and getting 1/5 of my daily protein in! Throw some chicken or egg salad on there and up that to 1/4 of my daily protein! AMAZING!

I knew I had to get my hands on this bread and pronto. To be honest I thought it was too good to be true. Could there really be a bread that both tastes good and has a substantial amount of protein??


I got my case of P-28 and immediately started cooking. I made breakfast...

French Toast
Tasty, filling, the nutty flavor really adds to the french toast!

Eggs and Cheese                             

Home Made Pizza
Grilled Cheese
Add a little butter to the bread before grilled and it tastes AMAZING!

I shared P-28 with my family and they made deli sandwiches, toast and butter, peanut butter and jelly etc. I shared the bread with my support group as well. Everyone loves this bread!

"P-28 High Protein Bread toasts well. Even when I burnt it it was a little chewy in the middle." ~ Ari, family member
"P-28 High Protein Bread is an tasty and filling substitute to boring whole wheat bread." ~ Anonymous

P-28 is a large slice of bread. 1 slice is easily enough for any bariatric patient. The bread is a little more chewy than your average bread which i like because the more I have to chew the slower I eat. P-28 has a nutty taste which I love!!! It does not taste like you are eating wheat grains like so many other breads that are deemed "better for you". I highly recommend P-28 for any Bariatric patient missing bread!!

The nutrition facts on this bread make it well worth incorporating P-28 into my diet! If you don't believe me, check it out for yourself!!

P-28 is sold in a case of 4 loaves. The case is shipped very quickly and the bread will last you 10-12 days. Anything you don't think you can eat in under two weeks put in the freezer. P-28 freezes extremely well for up to 6 months!

My breakdown of P-28...

  • Great tasting nutty flavor.
  • 14g of protein in just one slice
  • Freezes and defrosts very well! No freezer burn taste
  • Low on Carbs so no dumping!!
  • I can't think of any. I really love P-28!! 
Where to Buy:
P-28 High Protein Bread can be purchased in a case of 4 loaves from NutriBread
Cost: $19.96 plus shipping/case
Coupon: Enter the coupon "SLEEVEPIXIE" for $1.00 off each case!

I hope you enjoy P-28 as much as I do!
Sleeve Pixie

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