Saturday, January 15, 2011

DIY Gastric Bypass?

DIY Gastric Bypass kits not sold on Amazon... I cam e across this while looking into the iphone for sprint... random I know...

In my opinion this is a disgrace, totally misleading. This is the caption under the picture...

Health care is expensive! If you don't have insurance, how are you expected to pay for the tens of thousands of dollars that major surgery will set you back? Never fear, you can just perform surgery on yourself using this DIY gastric bypass kit.
Yes, for a mere $260 on Amazon, you too can own this kit, which comes with all of the materials necessary to complete three gastric bypass surgeries. Well, there aren't any instructions, nor are there any anesthetics. But hey, you've gotta sacrifice something if you wanna save money. Just bite down on a piece of wood and you'll be fine.

What the heck is wrong with people... Please friends... Don't try this at home!!!! OR AT ALL, EVER!!!
I love you too much to let you be stupid!
Sleeve Pixie

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