Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Today I'm Worth.... IT

What are you worth today?? Today is my 5 year wedding anniversary and I couldn't feel more like a princess. My husband is going to take us out to dinner at the Garden City Hotel. The hotel where we spend our first night as Mr. and Mrs. Lebowitz. 

Tonight, for the first time, I am gonna slip on a little black dress, some sexy makeup, and these new shoes I bought myself yesterday just for tonights occasion. I am going to feel sexy out on the town with my husband and pride myself that today I can wear that "little black dress" and I can walk (semi-gracefully) in those 3.5 inch stem heels. 

I'm gonna keep todays post short and sweet because I want to spend the day with my hubby but I just wanted to remind you all today that you are worth it! Even if you don;t know it yet... I know it... about you!! Post a comment on my blog today or on my Sleeve Pixie page on Facebook or tweet me and tell me what you are worth today? Every if you just tell me you are worth your morning coffee. I want you to say something positive about yourself!! So today start by saying it to me!

Sleeve Pixie

ps... video credits go to the lovely Elle Williams!! Shes is 8 months post op RNY and one of the most motivational people I know! <3 ya Elle!

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